Saving our planet starts at home!


Energiewäsche has set itself the goal of developing ecologically sustainable technologie for washing machines and dishwashers that save up to 70% in energy compared with the current generation of appliances and, as smart-grid appliances, are optimized to cover their remaining energy requirements as far as possible with solar and wind power. This new technology, which will make an important contribution to climate protection and the success of the German energy turnaround, should ideally become the new standard across manufacturers in the household appliance market of the future – just as LED technology recently displaced the light bulb.


Electricity savings


Contribution to the energy transition

The challenge of the German energy transition

The German power grid is facing enormous changes in the next one to two decades. The phase-out of nuclear power has largely been completed and will be completed at the end of 2022. The subsequent phase-out of coal-fired power generation will require massive additions of wind farms and photovoltaic systems. The temporally fluctuating nature of renewable energy sources will pose further challenges and require solutions such as storage technologies and intelligent load management. At the same time, electricity demand will increase significantly as many sectors increasingly rely on electric solutions, for example in the building sector (heat pumps instead of oil heating) and in the transport sector (vehicles with electric drives instead of combustion engines). Energiewäsche is already tackling these problems in the area of household appliances – with washing machines and dishwashers that are not only considerably more economical than the current generation of appliances, but can also participate in nationwide load management and use their electricity precisely when it is most favorable for grid stability.